“Sun-friend is following me,” Geoffrey says with delight. A moment of play sandwiched between being “too tired” and another dressing change of his central line that is “too scary”.

Healing takes time.  Patience. A waxing and waning between health and wholeness and just not quite yet.  A hope of freedom to play outside with siblings and the reality G’s body temperature won’t autoregulate in the heat. A desire to swim with siblings or even take a bath and the reality of a “line” that doesn’t allow for it. School, parks, and church are a few other no no’s for now.

But there is also a little boy who continues to imagine and draws us into his story. Geoffrey refers to the sun and moon as his sun-friend and moon-friend. He loves to watch the sunset and the moonrise. Recently, as the sun leaves us, he tells of how it is traveling to Kenya and instructs it to greet his sisters. He says, “say hi to Alice and Vivian. Goodbye, sun-friend.”  This is a little boy who now has 100% of his sister’s DNA living and growing inside of him. Cells which have found their home within Geoffrey; and in doing so, sickle cell disease miraculously becomes something to be included within his past medical history.

Little one be strong
In the power of the Lord
And let the keeper of the stars keep
Your heart forevermore

Even though you might be small
It is in you His kingdom reigns
And from your mouth the Lord has made
A fountain for His praise

And with His righteousness, across your chest
Salvation for your head
The belt of truth, around you now
With the shield of faith in hand
And with His peace, upon your feet you go
His word will be the sword you keep
Your covered head to toe

By Christy Nockels

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