On this Monday

On this Monday morning, Sharon started middle school. She sang, “I just can’t wait to go to school,” to the tune of Lion King as walked her into 6th grade. There is so much excitement and desire to learn within her. We prayed as we walked. When we reached the gate of the school, I asked her if she wanted me to go in with her. She said no and gave me a big hug. I walked away.


On this Monday morning, Ella started kindergarten. It was a bit of a rough morning, and she decided at one point to “cancel kindergarten.” She recovered fairly quickly, thankfully, and had a wonderful first day of school. Titus, Ryan and I accompanied her to her kindergarten breakfast this morning. The nervous energy from all of the little ones and the emotion from the parents was tangible. It’s a new and wonderful adventure, and I am so excited for all that Ella is going to learn. When asked by her teacher what my expectations are for Ella this year, I replied: “I want her to grow in kindness and respect. I want her to do her best.” A big highlight of the morning was how much Ryan LOVED it! He very rarely gets to leave the house except to go to the hospital, but today I carried him on my back to take sister to school.


On this Monday morning, I traveled back down to UCLA to be with Geoffrey as he went back in again to another MRI with sedation. This time to take images of his arms to see if more infection is there. Last week’s MRI showed new spots within the bones of his legs, complicating his treatment.

On this Monday, he is tired. We are tired. And there are important investigations still to be done as well as decisions to be made. Steps that feel tenuous. Answers that can’t come easily. While I don’t know what is ahead, I choose to believe that God has this little boy held in his hands.

On this Monday afternoon, as G was wheeled into another procedure, bubbles were a source of great delight, for which I feel most grateful.




5 thoughts on “On this Monday

  1. Juli, what a busy morning you all had. Grateful Ella had a good day at school. Trusting Ms Sharon did, too. Continue to pray for G. He’s been through so much—you all have. Know you all remain in our thoughts and prayers. Praying G can come home soon.


  2. Praying today for continued strength and courage to trust our Father and this long process. Thank you for always sharing deeply.


  3. Oh so much to hold on this Monday morning!!! I LOVE Sharon’s hair! And Ella’s!

    Praying for you.

    It’s been a typical start to school for us – easy for Hope and hard for Isaiah. Sigh. I keep hoping things will turn a corner for him but they never seem to. One step forward, two steps back. I continue to pray for God to break through.

    We move in to our new place on Thursday. Looking forward to having ‘home’ again.

    Love you so much xoxo


  4. I will never forget you I have carved you upon the palms of my hands. Rejoicing with you for all there is to Rejoice about. Groaning and moaning with you as well. We do indeed are giving thanks. Love you much!



  5. God is our strength and our refuge. I think of this bible verse when I read how Titus and you are being present with the rest of the kids, while a piece of you is somewhere else. I admire that strength from the Lord that radiates through you Juli. Its reminds where I need to lay may burdens.

    My continued prayers for all of you. I pray for His clear guidance on all Titus and you decide. I pray for a closer unity than ever between both of you and healing for all of you♡


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