G is for… [Happy Birthday]

“It’s my happy birthday!” These words, with great delight, are about to be spoken numerous times today by our dearly loved little boy, Geoffrey.

We don’t know exactly when Geoffrey was born or how old he is, but this is the date that was created when a birth certificate was being made, July 10, 2014. And so today, we celebrate his life with cake, balloons, and LOVE! Geoffrey is 4 (at least on paper)!

While I don’t know much about his birth or when he started to crawl, walk or speak; I have learned, over the past two years, the tenderness of his heart. I have learned and marvel at the richness of his laughter, the depths of his cries, and the warmth of his hugs. While his short life in too many ways has been marked by suffering and loss, he is tremendously resilient, loving and kind.  Today is day +81 post transplant and there are so many signs of life returning. For this, we feel unbelievably grateful.

Geoffrey often, with exuberance, says, “G is for Geoffrey,” and recently started adding: “G is for gift.”  Today, I want to add: “G is for grateful.” Because I feel that. For Geoffrey’s life. For the ways he is teaching me to play again. He has helped me to know the heart of God in deeper ways and become a little more brave in the ways I love.

Happy Birthday, dear Geoffrey!





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