A Parade for Mama’s Day


Our week has been filled with setbacks in the form of infections, GVHD, and a nursing strike at UCLA. While the path we trudge is exhausting and the one ahead feels daunting, I am grateful for this moment where our little boy had the strength to get out of bed and the desire to climb back on his bicycle and have a “parade.”

Geoffrey was insistent that Teddy, Raccoon, and Hopper (G’s three stuffed animals) should be a part of the festivities and were seated tightly in the backseat. The Mother’s Day balloon was a gift from child-life that G imagined to be a kite to carry us along. I had the privilege of trying to keep up as I held the IV lines and pushed all of the pumps.  This Mother’s Day, the healing isn’t yet complete and my little ones are scattered across the state. I am choosing to celebrate the gift of this unlikely parade.


One thought on “A Parade for Mama’s Day

  1. How do you keep spirits up with more shots, more procedures, more owies for such a little guy who lives in the now? IN this case, practice does not make perfect. Praying for strength to continue to be the encourager, the rock, the giver when you feel like a pile of mush. What great young men you will have for having learned these trust issues so early in life. They are blessings as you and your husband hang in there thru’ all the transitions. “This too, shall pass” a wise old missionary gave me when it seemed too heavy. Blessings on your day.


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