Hiding Place

Predictably unpredictable – I wrote those words yesterday describing this season of life. Last evening while flushing Ryan’s central line, I noticed that it looked different. It looked infected. Ugh. This led to another trip to the ER and another admission to UCLA. This morning, the surgical team removed the central line. A new one will have to be placed before we can begin the transplant process. Ryan will spend the next few days in the hospital receiving antibiotics.

It’s hard and disappointing, but I am so grateful that Ryan is physically stable and remarkably happy. He literally came from the operating room clapping his hands. And he’s blowing kisses to all of the nurses as the leave the room.


You are my hiding place;
    you will protect me from trouble
    and surround me with songs of deliverance.

So much feels daunting. Every step literally feels like a battle. As I read these familiar words this morning, I thought: yes. Yes to all of this. Protection. Surrounded by songs leading towards freedom and life. A quiet place to rest. God as my hiding place. Yes, please.

And this evening, I got a text message from Baba Micah at home which said: There are 3 Kenyans in this picture, but where could they be?


I wish this photo had sound, because I am certain the giggling would be magical. My little ones hiding in boxes, reminding me again that there’s something to this hiding and seeking.  





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