Week 6

“We are creatures who are lost and confused, trapped in the maze of our own little view of the world, and the only way out of that maze is the lifeline God offers us…Prayer opens our eyes. Prayer illuminates our minds, enabling the love of God to permeate all that we do.”  – Daniel Wolpert

Baby Ryan is still in the hospital at UCLA (Day 9). He has, thankfully, improved greatly but is receiving some transfusions that require him to stay in hospital for a little longer and will ultimately prepare him to begin transplant conditioning on Monday, November 6th. “Conditioning” is the nicest, gentlest way of saying ten harsh days of chemotherapy that will erase our little boy’s immune system in order to prepare his body to receive his sister’s bone marrow on November 16th.

We are praying for life and healing for our Ryan and Geoffrey. We are asking God to give us the strength and courage for this unbelievable journey we find ourselves on. I trust that He knows what each day will hold and will allot us the portion of mercy needed for every single moment. I am not asking for ease or only comfort, but I hope for a deeper sense of peace than could be ever described to be with us. I pray for rich joy in the midst of the hard. We are praying for protection over our family. For little hearts and minds that cannot fully comprehend what is happening. For bigger ones that really aren’t so much further ahead than the little ones. Rather than running away from the suffering and pain, we are inviting our loving God into it.


3 thoughts on “Week 6

    1. May God give you all His strength to face the journey ahead, His Peace that passes all understanding & His Joy to fill your heart’s with song.
      God bless & keep you🙏


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