Week 4

This week has been filled with significant moments of celebration for our family. It has also  led us to some important next steps as we prepare for Ryan’s bone marrow transplant… In this journey, there is a whole lot of laughter as well as an equal amount of tears.

We have worked to build pieces of Kenya into our lives here in the States. Foods. Kenya cultural traditions. Language. Community.  We need all of it! This week, I searched for cornmeal to be able to have ugali and cabbage for a meal (and many more to come). It was wonderful and such a taste of home.


On Wednesday, Ryan and Sharon were seen at UCLA for LOTS more tests. Sharon, Ryan’s 11 year old sister, will be his bone marrow donor. More and more, we recognize that the courage required of her is great. I am praying for her in this process, knowing that it requires sacrifice. There is pain and fear, but there is also the opportunity for her to give life to her little brothers.


Friday, we celebrated Linda’s 40th birthday with chocolate cake! There’s nothing like having a party with children. We sang, laughed and gave thanks to God for another year of life. We know it is a gift.

We love and appreciate Linda so very much!


The warm Southern California weather has been an unexpected blessing, allowing our kids more time to swim and play outside with friends.



Yesterday was Ryan’s baby dedication at our church, Christian Assembly. Prayers of blessing and healing were spoken over him. I was reminded of all that Ryan has survived in his short life. This boy is an indescribable gift to the world, and especially to our family. May his joy grow more and more as we pray that his life will always be marked by the loving-kindness of God.

2 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Love so strong! Trusting God to finish what He has begun. How awesome of God to trust your family! with this huge gift..(examples of sacrifice from each one of you) marveling at the Joy and beauty this brings in my own heart.
    Hold Steady!


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