Week 2

IMG_3138[1].JPGRyan came home from the hospital on Monday afternoon. Early Tuesday morning found us at UCLA medical center for our first appointment with the transplant team. Once again, our dear friend Mel drove us down to the hospital and served as our tour guide! It was such a generous gift of his time; and seriously, his kindness makes me want to be more kind.

We met with the transplant team for nearly 4 hours – transplant coordinator, hematologist, social worker, nurse practitioner and fellow. It was a LONG doctor’s appointment. They thoroughly reviewed the boys’ history and with great care listened to our story. They explained in detail the expected road leading up to hospitalization – the screening process for Ryan, Geoffrey, and Sharon. They talked about all of the risks of treatment. The phrase “life-threatening” was used more than a few times. But in the end, Dr. Moore said: “It is my strongest recommendation that you move forward with this treatment.”

With all of its risks, the “life-threatening” treatment it is still the best opportunity for our kids to have life and health. We believed that coming into the appointment. We left with more knowledge of the hard realities that await us and a greater hope for the cure that we are asking and seeking for.

The team advised that we only do one transplant at a time. While we had hoped to be able to do both simultaneously, they felt it was too much to take on emotionally. Dr. Moore recommended we start with Ryan as soon as the screening process is complete (approximately 3-4 weeks). If all goes well with Ryan’s transplant (as we pray it will), Geoffrey will begin transplant 100 days after Ryan’s.

The next step is waiting for insurance to approve the screening process for Ryan. Geoffrey is getting plugged into the hematology program at UCLA and will have his first appointment later this week. He is also needing a physical therapy evaluation to assist him with his walking.

We were all tired but a little happier than we look!
We have, thankfully, also had some wonderful family time since Tuesday which has given us a chance to start settling in, to play with the kids, and to pray for this journey that we find ourselves on. We need God to guide and to give us wisdom and peace.



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