Week one.

Our first week in America has been filled with rich hospitality and hospitals, both a reminder of why we’ve come to Los Angeles. We were welcomed to Los Angeles by a banner and wide-open arms by friends and family.

Karibu means welcome in Swahili!
On Monday afternoon, our troop of 7 arrived safely to Los Angeles after traveling for 36 hours. It was long, but we made it. I’d post a photo, but we were pretty much done! 36 hours later, before there was much settling in, Ryan came down with a high fever and because of the complexity of his sickle cell disease and how incredibly vulnerable it makes him, he was admitted to the hospital.

Our dear friend, Mel, who we are currently staying with, drove us to the hospital and sat with us for nearly 6 hours. He is an ER doctor and had a thousand other things to do with his time, but he chose to sit with us. It was incredibly generous and kind.


Over the next six days, family and friends blessed us with their presence, prayers, words to encourage and food. The hospital staff was also exceptional in the ways that they cared for our boy.IMG_3063[1]


Outside of the hospital, lots of love was also being given to our other kids!



Exactly one week after arriving to the States, Ryan was discharged from the hospital and was lovingly received by his brother and sisters! For this, we are grateful.



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