They said yes!

There have been so many hoops to jump through leading up to our appointment at the US embassy this morning. We finalized passports for the children on Tuesday, requested an expedited medical appointment yesterday, and were told to report in Nairobi at 7:30 AM today.

Ryan, Geoffrey, Sharon, Linda (Titus’ sister), and I traveled by shuttle to Nairobi last night to meet Titus and woke up early to request permission to travel with these sweet little ones of ours, in hopes that they will receive treatment and ultimately be healed.

There were a lot of pink slips given out today (Pink=No / Blue=Yes at the embassy). Men, women, and children, who for various reasons, were requesting to visit America and being told no. Titus and I received a pink slip for Ryan last October, and so we know all too well how it feels to be told: not this time.

Thankfully, the man who interviewed us today listened to our story. He watched Geoffrey struggle to walk to the counter. He looked into Sharon’s eyes as she explained that she wanted to help her brothers by giving them her blood. He asked questions and cared.  Ultimately, he gave our children the chance to be treated with 4 blue slips of paper.

My dear friend, Joe, responded to the news with these words: “How wonderful—clearly one of the few things to celebrate re: the US government these days. You have your hands full but they are the right hands to carry this opportunity for a better tomorrow. Know that you and your family are deeply loved.”



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