Nothing is impossible with God

Our family is on an incredible journey.  It is both hard and beautiful. It is stretching us further than anything I have ever known before, teaching us to lean into the loving-kindness of God.  From day to day, we do not really know where God will lead us next.

We trust in His provision while some days it is impossible to see. We know the goodness of God is greater than our fears, hopes and disappointments.  In this season, we are asking God to help us focus on His BIGNESS rather than our littleness; because while the tasks in front of us feel insurmountable, we believe that nothing is impossible with God.

A week ago, we finished the adoption of our son, Ryan. It was a long and hard fought/well worth it kind of battle. And on Friday afternoon, unexpectedly and quite miraculously, our family was given guardianship/travel orders for Geoffrey and Sharon, Ryan’s siblings. It’s a story that I will need to write fully at some point; but for now, I am holding it in my heart and marveling at the favor of God.

Earlier this year, we found out that Ryan and Geoffrey have a bone marrow match in their twelve year old sister, Sharon.  Their sickle cell disease has an opportunity for cure, but the transplant they need is not available within Kenya. As we have waited for the adoption process to be finalized, we have been working to choose insurance plans, a treatment center best suited for the children’s needs, housing details, etc.

We have been praying through the logistics and details of needing to be away from Kenya – our home and work – for close to a year. Thankfully, we have a strong team at Living Room; and God, in His wisdom and timing, has provided Brian Albright to come alongside of the team to help lead with the expansion process into Eldoret. Brian’s family arrives to Kipkaren in about two weeks.

Titus and I are still waiting on pieces of our puzzle, but we believe that God is leading us to Los Angeles for the boys to be treated at UCLA Children’s Hospital. The kids have been added to our insurance. Dear friends have offered us their guesthouse to live in. And while there are many unknowns ahead, we are certain that Los Angeles holds a community that loves us and will help stand with us in this journey. We know it will not be easy, but we trust that God is with us, and we are asking for the miracles which are still to come.

Without a doubt, God’s heart is for the orphan. Within this season, He is expanding our hearts to understand this truth even more.


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