Make a way

This song by Travis Greene has been ministering to me in a season filled with so much wonder and pain. My family is on a journey of following God…

Standing here not knowing how we’ll get through this test
But holding onto faith you know best
Nothing can catch you by surprise
You’ve got this figured out and You’re watching us now

When Titus and I chose to welcome Ryan into our home, a five day old premature baby whose mama died during child birth, we did not know that he would eventually become “our baby.” We did not know whether he would survive those initial days of life. He was so very fragile.

We did not know that, months later, Ryan would be diagnosed with a cruel disease that would cause so much angst and pain in his little body. We did not know that his three year old brother, Geoffrey, and eight year old sister, Alice, would get the same diagnosis.

We certainly did not know the ups and downs of adoption, the battles we would fight for the sake of love and life and family.

But nothing has caught God by surprise. In ways, I cannot even comprehend – He has this figured out and is allowing our hearts to be expanded, to know more of who He his because of this journey.

But when it looks as if we can’t win
You wrap us in your arm and step in
And everything we need you supply
You’ve got this in control
And now we know that

There have been days and weeks and months of simply trying to keep our heads above water. As Dory sings, we have to just keep swimming. So often, it has felt as if we are going against the current; but in the hard, there has also been a quiet and constant invitation to trust beyond what our circumstances seem to be screaming.

There was (and still is) an unpredictable disease which has led us to many a doctor. Long days and longer nights have also driven us to our knees to pray in deeper ways, rarely with words and where tears have become an offering. Priorities have, once again, been reshuffled and perspective found.

Unwanted and unexpected battles have come our way. At times, we have sensed God asking us to simply be still, to let Him do the fighting. Other moments, God has required us to speak up, to defend these little ones who cannot yet speak for themselves, whom He loves so very much. We only have a glimpse of that love, but it is changing our world completely. God’s love is schooling us in what it means to loose chains of injustice and to set the oppressed free. His love is stretching us to know more of what it means to share, not only what we possess but who we are. God’s love has given us the “blessing” of being persecuted for trying to do what is right and the still hidden and undeserved promise of His Kingdom.

You made a way
When our backs were against the wall
And it looked as if it was over
You made a way
And we’re standing here
Only because you made a way
You made a way

The lab results came back from New York revealing the hope of cure for Ryan and Geoffrey. It will require their sister, Sharon, to give part of herself. A transplant of her health to get rid of their disease.

The treatment isn’t found in our region of the world, and we do not yet have permission from Kenya or the US to travel with the children. But we are asking and seeking. Knocking on treatment center doors, trusting that God will make a way. The miracles, we believe, are still ahead. In numerous ways, our backs are against the wall, but we are asking for God to make a way.

And for Alice, who doesn’t have a sibling donor match, we are praying  for God to provide and heal in ways we cannot yet see.

Over a year ago, God set Ryan within our family. And yesterday, adoption orders were officially given to affirm that he is ours. Ryan received a new name which represents his sonship and allows us to grasp a little more of the heart of the gospel message.

Now we’re here
Looking back on where we’ve come from
Because of you and nothing we’ve done
To deserve the love and mercy you’ve shown
But your grace was strong enough to pick us up

You move mountains
You cause walls to fall
With your power
Perform miracles
There is nothing that’s impossible
And we’re standing here
Only because you made a way

There is still so much story left unwritten. There are battles still to be fought. There are mountains we need God to move. As we look ahead, we also remember how far we have been carried. For that, we give thanks and acknowledge God’s faithfulness. We are asking for courage to keep following wherever God may lead. We ask that He would do the impossible, both for His glory and for the love of these little ones.

And so we pray: God, please make a way.



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