Coming home

"What are you thankful for?" This question makes up the lyrics of a delightful song my children love to sing. On the day we returned to Kenya, the melody as well as the question would not leave my head. We sang it as we finished packing and drove away from a home that welcomed us [...]

Dark Sunday

A year ago, I woke up to the news that Ryan was terribly sick. His liver was failing from complications of the chemotherapy. This was causing his kidneys to also fail. He was struggling for every single breath. To complicate things further, he had infection and no immune system to fight it. There was an [...]

Leaving Kenya

One year ago, our family of seven boarded a plane from Kenya on the most unlikely of journeys.  In search of healing, we left behind so much of what we loved for the hope of what might be ahead. What a wild ride it has been. Oh, the grace of God has accompanied us with [...]


"Sun-friend is following me," Geoffrey says with delight. A moment of play sandwiched between being "too tired" and another dressing change of his central line that is "too scary". Healing takes time.  Patience. A waxing and waning between health and wholeness and just not quite yet.  A hope of freedom to play outside with siblings [...]

Much to hold

I slept on my comfortable couch next to Geoffrey last night. We are in a new room to us with many windows and a courtyard view. We are quickly running out of rooms on the hem-onc floor that have not been a temporary home for one of our three kids. I am not convinced that [...]

G is for… [Happy Birthday]

"It's my happy birthday!" These words, with great delight, are about to be spoken numerous times today by our dearly loved little boy, Geoffrey. We don't know exactly when Geoffrey was born or how old he is, but this is the date that was created when a birth certificate was being made, July 10, 2014. [...]